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Fresh mango is wonderful in taste and can be eaten in raw form. A lot of recipes can also be prepared using fresh mango without any difficulty. These juicy fruits are so good in taste that anyone can get a heavenly feeling.

Apart from the great taste and variety of uses, fresh mango has a lot of health benefits. They are rich source of vitamins, minerals, calcium, antioxidants etc and can be helpful for improving various health related problems.


Mango pulp is made from fresh mangoes and it is like the liquid and fiber extract of natural mangoes. For preparing mango pulp the raw mangoes are processed and then after complete refinement the final product comes into picture.

Mango pulp is great in taste and offers the same health benefits as raw mango. It can be consumed in raw form or can be added to recipes. Mango pulp is one such product that is loved by people all over the world and kids are the biggest fan of this product.

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Cotton Seeds

Guava pulp is extracted from guava fruit and it has the same nutritional benefits as that of guava. Guavas are processed and the pulp is extracted to produce this kind of product. Guava pulp can be consumed in raw form or it can be added to the recipes while cooking.

Guava pulp is absolutely fantastic in taste and there are many advantages of consuming guava pulp because it is loaded with fiber, water content, vitamins, minerals calcium etc.